The Competitiveness of Crude Palm Oil in West Sumatra in The Domestic and The World Market

Lisa Nesti, Firwan Tan


Indonesia should increase its competitiveness to get benefit from Asean Economic Community, especially CPO (crude palm oil) commodity which prospective future market is predicted to be still prospective which is marked by world demand for CPO is still high until now. This study examines the competitiveness of CPO in West Sumatera Province from 2000 to 2016 in Indonesian market (domestic) and the word market from 2000 to 2015 using RCA (Revelead Competitive Advantage) index analysis. The result of the research shows that the CPO of West Sumatera in Indonesian market (domestic) which shows the value of RCA index> 1 means that the export value of CPO of West Sumatera has competitiveness while the value of Index RCA CPO of West Sumatera in world market is got value of RCA index average equal to 1,2 which show value of RCA> 1 mean export of CPO in West Sumatera still have competitiveness above average world CPO, although if seen RCA index each year there is a value of RCA<1.

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