Implementation of Preventive Maintenance in Production Machine with Age Replacement Model in PT XYZ

Taswir Syahfoeddin, Indra Yusuf R


Reduce the amount of damage time injection molding machine during production, required preventive maintenance maintenance system with age replacement model. The result of data processing and analysis of critical injection molding machine problem is Toshiba 220 Ton with damage time 2,195 minutes during July to December 2016. Toshiba 220 Ton injection molding machine obtained four spare parts which are damaged is screw, oil seal, and nozzle and hydraulic, where the nozzle has a high frequency of damage. The replacement time according to the age replacement model for spare-part nozzle is 52 hours (3 working days) and inspection time four times a month. Increased reliability spare-part nozzle, equal to 0.4244 or 42.44% from the previous 0.35 to 0.50.

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