Pengolahan Limbah Cair Industri Tahu Menggunakan Teknologi Ultrafiltrasi Dengan Sistem Monitoring Berbasis Internet of Things

Harmiwati N. H., Agung Kurnia Yahya, Muhammad Zulfikar Luthfi, Enny Nurmalasari, Resi Levi Permadani, Apsari Puspita Aini, Puji Rahayu


Waste from the tofu industry is a byproduct of the tofu production process that can have negative environmental impacts if not managed properly. CV. Dapur Tahu still discharges liquid waste directly into the river, posing a potential threat of river water pollution. Although a new reservoir and waste disposal channel are under construction, there is currently no effective waste treatment facility in place. To address this issue, a tofu wastewater treatment facility utilizing filtration technology is proposed due to its simplicity of operation, durability, and high efficiency in removing organic contaminants. The technology comprises a multi-stage filtration process involving sand filters (pumice, zeolite, and activated charcoal) combined with ultrafiltration membrane technology, complemented by a monitoring system consisting of TDS, pH, and temperature sensors. The multi-stage filtration process is capable of reducing TDS levels to 160 ppm, resulting in visibly clearer wastewater compared to the initial turbid white condition. The installation of IoT-based monitoring devices in the wastewater treatment process significantly aids in real-time water quality monitoring, accessible via mobile phone screens.


Filtration, Internet of Things, Tofu Wastewater

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