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The International Conference on Chemistry & Engineering in Agroindustry ICoChEA 2017 was the first annual meeting in the field of chemistry and technology organized by Polytechnic ATI Padang, Indonesia. The aim of
the conference was to provide a platform for researchers and practitioners from both academia and industry to meet and share cutting-edge advances in the fields of chemistry and engineering in agroindustry. The topics covered include Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource for Agro Industry (Soil, Water, Environment etc), Food Science and Bioprocess Technology, Process Engineering based on Agricultural Products, Production and Inventory Management, Modeling Simulation, Control, and Analysis of Manufacturing Processes, Green Chemistry, Green Technology and Waste Management, Applied Technology for Sustainable Development in Bioenergy and Oleochemical, Operation Research and System Modelling, The Role of IT in Sustainable Enterprise.
These proceedings will be of interest to academia, researchers, undergraduate and graduate students, policymakers, government agencies, and industries related to science and technology. The papers present to thereaders are the best papers in the field that examine specifically the chemistry, chemical engineering, logisticsmanagement and industrial technology of agro industry. In addition to containing the participants' papers, thisproceeding is also reinforced by the initial discourse of the speakers in the international conference and alsostrengthened with papers from keynote speakers

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