Production Quality Analysis by using System Modelling (Case Study of Tea Production Process at PTPN VI Solok)

Zulhamidi -, Mila Meliana Putri


Quality control is a key process in production activity that determines the outcome of it’s product. One of the most important quality control activities is identifying the factors that cause rejected product. The system modeling states that production activities can be divided  are input, processes and outputs that are interconnected with one another. This research was conducted at PTPN VI, a company that produces orthodox black tea. Production process starts from tea harvest, withered, leaves rolling, fermentation, drying, sorting, tester and packing. This research was conducted in the sorting process to analyze the cause of the low quality of tea leaves as measured by using water content parameters. The results show that the input of raw materials entering the sorting section is not in accordance to the company standards. Analysis of process quality using X and R control charts show that the process is uncontrolled. Thus causes the output of this stage is uncontrolled too

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