Proposed Pricing of Tea Leaf in PTPN VI Unit Danau Kembar with Simulation System Approach

Irna Ekawati, Lisa Nesti


PTPN VI Unit Danau Kembar is a government company that processed tea leaf into orthodox black tea. Tea leaf are produced from their own gardens and plasma gardens. Tea produced will be sold through auction process at Jakarta Tea Auctions every week. The selling price of tea at the auction tends to change every week while the purchase price of tea leaf does not always change. This causes PTPN VI Unit Danau Kembar at risk of losses. This study proposes a reactive price determination of tea leaf and is based on the selling price of black tea in an auction every week. The proposed model is modeled using a simulation system approach using promodel software. The proposed model shows that PTPN VI can avoid the risk of loss because the percentage of profit is set at the beginning. As a consequence, the pricing of tea leaf from farmers is changing and reactive depending on the selling value of black tea.

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