Biosorption of Cadmium and Copper Ions from Aqueous Solution using Banana (Musa paradisiaca) Shell as Low-Cost Biosorbent

Edi Nasra, Desy Kurniawati, Bahrizal -


The research of Cd (II) and Cu (II) biosorptionin aqueous solution using banana shell powder has been conducted. Optimization of heavy metal adsorption using banana shell as adsorbent with column method has been investigated. The studies include determination of optimum pH and concentration. The result showed that the optimum condition was at pH = 5, concentration 500 mg/L with adsorption capacity 8.3864 mg/g for Cd (II) and pH = 3,concentration 500 mg/L for Cu (II)with adsorption capacity 7.5975 mg/g. This study shows that banana shell waste can be an important low cost biosorbent for Cd (II) and Cu (II) removal.

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