The Correlation of Biodiesel Physical Properties and Titanium Tetrahedral Coordination in Silica-Titania Prepared by Different Moles Ratio of Titania Precursors

Umar Kalmar Nizar, Yohanes Manan Sitanggang, Risma Sari, Rita Sundari, Bahrizal -, Ananda Putra, Latisma D J


Palm oil cannot be used directly as biofuel due to its high boiling point and viscosity. For its application as biofuel, the palm oil is converted to biodiesel through transesterification of palm oil and methanol with catalyst addition. This work is related to the synthesis of silica-titania as catalyst in association with titanium tetrahedral coordination and the study of the effect of titanium tetrahedral coordination on biodiesel production from palm oil. A solid state method is used to synthesize silica-titania catalyst applying mole variation of both solid silica and titania. The synthesis products are characterized by FTIR and DR UV-Vis, as well as the fraction of titanium tetrahedral coordination is calculated through deconvolution method of DR UV-Vis spectra.  The results show the tetrahedral coordination of titanium increased using both solid silica and titania in the solid state method compared to that using solid titania commercial as precursor in the reaction. The mole ratio of silica and titania of 1:0.5 gave the highest percentage of titanium tetrahedral coordination. The increasing of the fraction of titanium tetrahedral coordination in silica-titania catalyst applied in reaction of palm oil and methanol can reduce the boiling point, viscosity, and density of the oil product

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